March 23rd 2024

Rimowa Essential Cabin S- What can you fit inside + weight test


If you've been keeping an eye on the travel scene lately, you may have noticed the buzz surrounding the Rimowa Essential Line. Known for its lightweightness, durability and range of colors, the Essential Line is a staple for discerning travelers seeking both style and functionality.

Among the various sizes and finishes available in the Essential Line, one often overlooked gem is the Cabin S. While it may not receive as much attention as its larger counterparts, the Cabin S holds its own with its compact yet surprisingly spacious design.

Today, I'm excited to share my personal experience with the Rimowa Essential Cabin S. Join me as I explore its dimensions and uncover its hidden packing potential on my recent 4 Day Trip to Taiwan.

Size and dimensions

Let's dive into the specifics of the Rimowa Essential Cabin S. According to the website, this sleek carry-on measures 55 x 39 x 20cm, making it quite compact. While its length and width is the exact same as the regular Cabin size, it's 3cm less in depth. This adjustment brings its internal capacity down to 34L compared to 36L.

In terms of weight, the website states 3.1kg, but upon measuring it myself, I found it to be around 3.27-3.3kg, approximately 200g heavier than the stated weight

Cabin S vs Cabin size comparison.png__PID:69a10a54-155e-4970-8312-8b6d88c49548

Image source: Rimowa

Rimowa Essential Cabin S Weight Test.jpg__PID:0a54155e-e970-4312-8b6d-88c49548ab48

Inside the suitcase, the depth of the wheels measures around 3cm while the handle depth measures around 2cm. Since the internal components are quite slim, it doesn’t take up much room in the luggage, leaving ample space to pack.

Handle depth.jpg__PID:af8c244b-bcae-4297-8506-f4992c0375ea
Wheel depth.jpg__PID:a4af8c24-4bbc-4eb2-9745-06f4992c0375

When it comes to color choices, the options for the Cabin S size are a bit more limited. You'll find it available in Gloss Green, Gloss White, and Matte Black, unlike the regular Cabin size, which comes in a wider range of hues.

Cabin vs Cabin S colour options.png__PID:ecef04eb-a469-410a-9415-5ee97083128b

Image source: Rimowa

Personal Preference: Why I Chose the Cabin S Size Over Others

Now, why did I opt for the Cabin S size? Well, I already own a Tumi 19 Degree International Expandable 4 Wheeled Carry-On, which shares a very similar size profile. But I wanted something even more compact, hence my choice to go with the Cabin S.


Image source: Tumi

Initially, I went for the Rimowa Essential Lite Cabin S in Black. But upon receiving it, I was underwhelmed. The T-bar handle was quite small and awkward to hold, and the absence of side handles was a downside. Despite its lightweight and portable design, it fell short of my expectations.

Rimowa Essential Lite Handle.png__PID:83dc73a8-859d-4b89-a3ae-c36ff52080f0

Image source: Rimowa

Practical Insights: Carrying Essentials for a 4-Day Trip to Taiwan

During my recent trip to Taiwan, I opted to travel light, packing only my Rimowa Essential Cabin S and a backpack. The weather during my stay was pleasantly moderate, so I skipped packing any bulky clothing.

However, on the way back, I did end up having to purchase a duffel bag as I had bought quite a bit of gifts and food for family and friends and neither my Rimowa or backpack had any more space left.

Of course, I wasn’t able to bring all 3 bags as carry on, and was asked to check in my luggage. I couldn't bring myself to check in my Rimowa Cabin S, considering the cost and potential for scratches, so I checked in my duffel bag instead.

Rimowa essential cabin s and backpack.JPG__PID:f662b6b3-af1c-484a-ba4b-0521b7fa23fc

If you are worried about ever being asked to check in your carry-on, there are luggage covers for Rimowa that you can easily put on. These just help protect your luggage from the inevitable scratches and scuffs when you send your bags through the conveyor belt and onto the baggage handlers.

What can you fit inside?

While the Rimowa website suggests that the Cabin S is ideal for a 2-day trip (approximately 2 outfits), I found that I could comfortably pack for my 5 day, 4 night trip. However, I did exceed the carry-on limit of 7kg. I have to say, it is very easy to pack over 7kg into the suitcase.

Here's a breakdown of what I managed to fit inside. I compressed everything down with their built in Flex Dividers.

• 2x Jumpers
• 6x T-shirts
• 2x button up shirts
• 1 Pair of shorts
• 1 Pair of jeans
• 1 Pair of pants
• 1 pair of shoes with some socks stuffed inside to maximize space
• Toiletry bag
• Underwear and socks in a small July packing cube
• A small gift

In terms of tech gear, I packed my Ipad and headphones into my backpack instead.

Once packed, the total weight was around 9.3kg. While the weight exceeded the flight restrictions, I was still able to carry it onto the plane with me. Sometimes if your carry-on is overweight you might be asked to check it in, but I would say it depends on a number of factors. Typically they are a little more lenient if you're in business/first class, and if the plane isn’t too full, normally the weight isn't too much of an issue.

Luckily for me, I flew to Taiwan during the non peak season, and was able to bring my carry-on onto the plane with no issues.

What can you fit inside rimowa essential cabin s 1.jpg__PID:a7c37503-cab0-418b-b662-b6b3af1cb84a
What can you fit inside rimowa essential cabin s 5.jpg__PID:25a7c375-03ca-40d1-8bf6-62b6b3af1cb8
Rimowa Flex Dividers.jpg__PID:4bbcaeb2-9745-46f4-992c-0375ea29f1b1

Is the Rimowa Essential Cabin S worth it?

For those who prefer the convenience and freedom of traveling light with just a carry-on, I would say the Rimowa Essential Cabin S is a worthwhile investment. It's compact yet surprisingly roomy, durable, and effortlessly stylish. The wheels glide ultra smoothly across the airport and the glossy dark green finish is super eye-catching.

Even though the initial cost is quite high, the lifetime guarantee, quality craftsmanship, and option for protective Rimowa luggage covers, provide peace of mind and long-term value that's hard to beat.

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